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  • 📅Create a shift schedule

    The area with the mini-calendar is responsible for shift schedules and settings.

    Click to build a calendar with configured work shifts, if it hasn’t been built yet.

    For example, schedule 3/3. Today is a day off, and specify tomorrow in the mini-calendar; add 3 working days and 3 days off below.

    When you click on a calendar day, you can add events, additional work shifts, and part—time jobs.

    Shift schedule – calculate shift work schedule online

  • 👧🏼Create a schedule for children and adults: clubs, classes, sports

    Create a separate schedule with classes for yourself or your child. Later, you can it with your work schedules and add other .

    For example, a child goes to the sports section on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Then you need to make a schedule like this: mark any Tuesday on the first day and add 2 working days, 1 day off, 1 working day and 3 days off.

    The result will be as follows:

  • 👨‍👩‍👧Create a schedule for several people

    Save shift schedules for each person in your personal profile after authorization. Mark the desired ones by clicking on the box and click «Combine».

    If you need to print, select the orientation (vertical, horizontal).

    This is how calendars of production shifts, common working days with relatives, friends and duty with colleagues are formed.

  • 👨‍💼Employee schedule

    schedules for employees and upload the result to Excel.

    График на сотрудников составить, расписание онлайн

  • 💳Calculate salary online

    Set up the cost of work shifts and part-time work in the «Options» of the schedule.

    Fields for part-time work per day/night, etc. are displayed after they appear on the chart.

    If the field is not filled in, then the calculation takes place without taking it into account; thus, you can calculate the salary for individual work shifts (for example, only night or only day).

  • 🕘Calculation of hours in shifts

    Specify the number of hours in each of your work shifts in the “Options” of the schedule.

  • 📋Add events and part-time jobs to the calendar

    Events are added by clicking on the calendar day. In this way, you can celebrate a friend’s birthday (added once and displayed for each year), vacation, part-time work and any other event with the ability to specify not only the name, but also information about it.

    To add several part-time jobs to the calendar at once, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the days (on a mobile device — long touch), then click on the bar with the selected number of shifts. Select a shift, set it the color you like, if the standard ones do not fit, add a comment — and additional shifts with the specified information will be displayed on the calendar.

  • 📆Add a schedule to Google. Calendar

    Export the schedule to an ICS file (the «Export» button above the graph), copy the suggested link. On Google. Calendar add «New by URL» and specify the link copied earlier.

  • 🤗Share all schedules at once

    Log in. Click on the profile name. In the drop-down menu, select «Share schedules». After receiving the link, the «Disable access to charts» button will appear in the same menu.

    Work schedules can be combined by the link in the same way as in a personal account.


  • Create a shift schedule (morning/day/evening/night) for the 2023, 2024, 2025 years.
  • Creating schedules for children: clubs, classes, sports sections.
  • Export employee schedules to Excel.
  • Calculating working days, weekends and salaries.
  • Personal events (birthday, vacation, holiday, etc).
  • Part-time jobs, additional shifts.
  • Saving multiple duty schedules in a personal account.
  • Combining schedules into one (for example, for a list of employees or searching for the next weekend with your friends and family).
  • Syncing with Google.Calendar.
  • Printing a calendar.
  • Download a shift schedule in DOC or PDF with a beautiful background, share a link to one or all of your work schedules.


15.05.2024 Fixed: users with a Cyrillic login could not share their profile.
24.02.2024 Added: when exporting, the output of information on the number of shifts/hours, earnings was added.
06.02.2024 Fixed: sometimes there was no field for setting the cost of part-time work.
05.02.2024 Fixed: Vacation days were considered shifts.
17.12.2023 Added: calculator of hours in shifts. It is configured in the chart options.
13.12.2023 Calendar Settings: hide shift explanation.
09.12.2023 Calculation of the schedule for a given period from the current month.
06.12.2023 Shifts are calculated for each month and for the entire period. You can disable information for months in the calendar settings.
19.11.2023 Public holidays can be added as weekends and shifts can be moved through them.
17.11.2023 Added the production calendar of Russia. You can hide holidays in the calendar settings.
12.11.2023 Export to Yandex.Calendar.
01.11.2023 Export to Excel of a schedule for several people.
30.10.2023 To save more than 8 schedules in your profile, please VIP help the project.
28.10.2023 You can disable the display of events on the calendar.
26.10.2023 On mobile devices, the addition of several side jobs at once appeared after a long touch of days on the calendar. Added a limit on the count of events on the calendar of 20 pcs., if there is no VIP status.
25.10.2023 The site template has been completely rebuilt, errors have been fixed. There are new schedule settings and a compact calendar view.
20.10.2023 Adding events to the calendar has been redesigned.
19.10.2023 You can change your profile name.
26.09.2023 Combining graphs: added a field for changing the width of the column with the name of the graphs.
20.09.2023 Added calculation of earnings by month and year. It is configured in the «options» of the chart.
11.09.2023 Added a limit on the count of schedules to combine into 4 pcs. if there is no Premium status.
12.11.2022 Now, when printing the calendar, you can select the events that will be reflected on it (if they were previously added).
28.10.2022 A horizontal view has been added to the graph for several people; when it is printed, the orientation of the sheet is set automatically.
26.10.2022 The chart settings panel has been improved (if the chart changes are not saved, an indication will be visible), the «Save» and «Comment» buttons are now here. Fixed some bugs.
25.10.2022 Fixed output added (options of the chart settings panel).
23.10.2022 Expanded year selection.
07.10.2022 Added the ability to share all your charts at once without editing, followed by merging, exporting.
26.04.2022 Added authorization via Yandex.
10.02.2022 Added «day» to the work shift selection and information about the worked shifts in the year.
06.02.2022 Added a printout of the graph (the «Print» button) and the ability to view events on the graph by following the link.
06.01.2022 Fixed a graph display error related to time zones (some months might not be displayed to non-Russian users).
18.11.2021 Added part-time jobs (Ctrl + click on the day).
02.11.2021 Added authorization via VKontakte.
15.10.2021 Added a comment to the schedule and decoding the color of shifts when exporting the calendar.
16.06.2020 Added export of work shift schedule to Google.Calendar.

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A shift work schedule is more convenient for many than a five-day period, since it provides more days off during the week. But sometimes it’s not easy to calculate a shared day off with friends or determine on which day the upcoming important event will fall.

Tool “” will help you with this! With it, you will create a calendar of shifts for any period, calculate the salary for a month, create schedules for friends, employees and combining them, calculate the total weekend and work shifts. Add important events, part-time jobs, vacations, birthdays to the calendar.

Save work schedules in your profile on the website or print them out, share shift schedules with friends, colleagues.

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