Calculation of shift work schedule

Кликом на день календаря можно добавить какое-либо событие: день рождения, отпуск или свадьба, например.



Vertical orientation

Choice of orientation and the ability to load a background image

Синхронизация с Google.Календарь

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Schedule for:
Today - {{todayCount | todayFilter:abstract.shedule:makeCalendarLang}}
Total working days: {{totalWorkDaysInYear}}
Total weekend days: {{totalWeekDaysInYear}}

Скорость обработки зависит от технических возможностей вашего компьютера или телефона, а также от количества графиков для объединения. Если все графики не помещаются на экране, то их можно передвинуть мышкой.

Schedule for:
События на {{ eventDate }}
{{ favoriteDayDiff }}

Чтобы в дальнейшем редактировать события на графике, авторизуйтесь.

{{favoriteItem.title || favoriteDaysType.vacation}}
График сохранён

Новое событие

Начало отпуска должно наступить раньше его окончания


  • Create a shift schedule (morning/day/evening/night) for the previous, current, and next year
  • Saving charts with subsequent access to them (authorization required)
  • Combining multiple charts into one (authorization required)
  • Export and further printing of charts
  • Access to the schedule by link
  • Adding events to the schedule (birthday, vacation, other holiday, or special day)
  • How to print shedules?

    You can export the shedules and then print the finished document. After creating the chart, the Export button will appear.

    Calculate a shift

  • How to create your own schedule?

    The shedule is generated automatically when the following data is changed:

    • The first working day of the cycle. For example, your chart is 3/3. Today is the last day off. Tomorrow is the first working day of the cycle. To select a date, click the calendar icon to the right of the field
    • The year for which the schedule is created
    • Schedule days (from the example above: 3 working days and 3 days off)

    A cycle is a combination of working days and days off until they are repeated (from the example above: 3/3-a cycle of 6 days)

    By clicking "plus", you can add the required number of days in the cycle with different modes of operation (morning, day, evening, night)

    By clicking the "cross" on the left, you remove the days from the cycle

    When you hover the cursor over a calendar day, you will see information about it: working/weekends/holiday and working mode

    When you click-the number of the day in the year, the number of the week and how much has passed or remained before it from today

    Calculate a shift